A luxury brand of British, French and Swedish heritage, Astrid Melissa was founded in early 2011. The business started as a bespoke service, creating unique and special pieces designed and made to order. Building upon that success, Astrid Melissa' s first collection, “Monkey Nuts”, was launched later that year. Over the past 5 years, Astrid Melissa has designed and released a further 9 collections, all as individual and quirky as the last.

Astrid Melissa has always used elements of nature and day to day life to create her designs. The inspiration for "Monkey Nuts" came from seeing a peanut whilst at home eating chinese takeaway. "Slice of Life" came about from doing what she does best and making a cocktail! Upon slicing some lime, she decided to dry a slice out, and then make a cast from it. This design has gone on to be set into rings, bracelets, pendants and cufflinks and has grown to be one of Astrid Melissa's best selling collections.

Astrid Melissa’s exclusive designs are all thoughtfully hand drawn, contemplated and crafted with care in her workshop.  Meticulous consideration is given to every detail, from the tint of gold, to the accurate selection of gemstones, through to her packaging. Astrid Melissa enjoys working side by side with her workshop, both designer and artist aligning their vision and expertise, to create exceptional pieces.